Geometric GIFs By Erik Söderberg

Swedish cross-media artist Erik Söderberg created a series of geometric GIFs titled ‘Fractal Experience – Part 2‘. The animated looping artworks feature various geometric shapes and patterns and are a continuation of Söderberg’s earlier works “exploring the relations of geometry, nature and the human being”. Söderberg lives in Stockholm where he works in a variety of mediums, such as visual and auditory design.

söderberg_gif-01 söderberg_gif-02ii söderberg_gif-03i söderberg_gif-14 söderberg_gif-03 söderberg_gif-06 söderberg_gif-12 söderberg_gif-13 söderberg_gif-08 söderberg_gif-11 söderberg_gif-02i söderberg_gif-02 söderberg_gif-07 söderberg_gif-10 söderberg_gif-09

All GIFs © Erik Söderberg