A Deep Dive Into GIF Art


We have already featured 25th Century‘s ‘Formless’ series on iGNANT, but the artist duo never ceases to amaze us. This time, we were struck by another element of their ongoing ‘Visual Philosophies’ project, entitled ‘Deep Discovery’. In creating this series of GIFs, the artists intended to translate their personal philosophy into moving images. Through the exploration of the inner universe, 25th Century preaches being instead of having, and in doing so, nudges us closer to nature.

Lucas Ighile and Ayla El-Moussa, the creators behind the project, say: “Scientists and spiritual minds have told us for decades that the universe is within us. Since the odds of exploring outer space as an astronaut are not favorable, we have decided to explore the universe within us. As well as a place we know less about than the cosmos: the ocean.”


All images © Luke Ighile, Ayla El-Moussa

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