Bizarre Black And White Photographs By Rory Hamovit


For the series ‘Visitations‘, young photographer Rory Hamovit captured black and white images in a domestic environment with a surreal touch. The bizarre scenes in Hamovit’s cinematic photographs appear to be straight out of a horror movie. Living and working in San Francisco, Hamovit graduated from Bard College with a BA in photography and has since then shown his work in various exhibitions throughout the States.

The photographer tells the following story behind the series: “This is a story and it should be believable. You should trust what you see. […] A man falls asleep one night and dreams about his childhood home in New Jersey, his family of five, his golden retriever Rex and his mother’s beef lasagna only to wake up with the realization that he has never been to New Jersey nor had he recognized any of their faces. Come to think of it, he’s allergic to dogs and hates lasagna anyway. But boy, did they have great taste in furniture.”

All images © Rory Hamovit

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