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Combining the latest in tech, design, quality and ease of use, LOEWE has been shaping the history of home entertainment for almost a century now. Characterized by clean, precise and elegant shapes, Loewe’s products have already won more than 200 international design awards, proving that next to its functions, television can be an object of the beauty in and of itself.

It all started in 1923, when two brothers, Dr Siegmund Loewe and David Ludwig Loewe founded a radio manufacturing company. However, through working closely with physicist Manfred von Ardenn and television pioneer John Logie Baird, the duo soon started to pave the way to the new medium and in 1931 presented the world’s first fully electronic television to the public during the 8th Berlin Radio Show. Although Siegmund Loewe had to emigrate to US due to the war, he regained ownership of the company in 1949, carrying on as a chairman of the supervisory board.

In the 1950s, LOEWE begun to produce televisions and the first cassette tape recorders, while 1961 saw the first European video recorder entering mass production. After Siegmund Loewe’s death in 1962, the family tradition ended, but the company has never slowed down with its innovative inventions. Over the decades, many of them became milestones in the history of television, such as production of the first portable television in 1963.

In the 1980s, the company created Art1, a new generation of TVs with a focus on design, while 1998 marked the invention of the first fully recyclable television and Xelos Media, a TV with Internet access. Today, LOEWE’s products feature advanced solutions like 3D technology or multiform streaming, setting new standards for modern television and its consumption. Years go by, new designs are introduced, yet LOEWE’s approach remains the same – it’s all about long-standing quality.

Featuring the latest technology, LOEWE products never cease to inspire with their timeless aesthetics and unique individuality. “To tell you the truth: my television often stays switched off – it´s an object of beauty which I enjoy even without an image on the screen,” says Edmund Englich, LOEWE’s designer. Indeed, in the times of ever-changing media and easy access to the Internet, the LOEWE television offers not only multitasking functionality, but also sustainable design based on high quality materials and the utmost attention to detail.

With an almost century-long history, the company still holds a deep sense of togetherness today – the headquarters’ location remains the same, in the city of Kronach. That also means that all Loewe products are developed in Germany, from the very first draft to the technological concept, allowing the designers to control the quality of the product. We recently visited the LOEWE factory to talk to brand’s PR Manager, Dr Roland Raithel and CEO Mark Hüsges. Watch the video for a peek into production process and to meet some of the company’s most significant designs.

loeweloewe Kopie
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