Playful Shoe Artworks By Studio PUTPUT

Copenhagen-based artist duo Stephan Friedli and Ulrik Martin Larsen—who work under the pseudonym ‘PUTPUT‘—created a collection of playful footwear by combining everyday objects with shoe parts, such as heels and soles. The series, titled ‘Everything has a sole’, was developed for shoe brand Bianco’s Spring/Summer 2014 artist takeover campaign. Founded in 2011, PUTPUT works at the intersection of photography, installation and design.

PUTPUT-Binaco-S18-06 PUTPUT-Binaco-S14-03 PUTPUT-Binaco-S13-04 PUTPUT-Binaco-S10-06 PUTPUT-Binaco-S09-04 PUTPUT-Binaco-S08-07 PUTPUT-Binaco-S07-02 PUTPUT-Binaco-S06-05 PUTPUT-Binaco-S05-10 PUTPUT-Binaco-S04-05 PUTPUT-Binaco-S03-08 PUTPUT-Binaco-S02-02 PUTPUT-Binaco-S01-02