A Geometric House On A Greek Island By decaArchitecture


Located on the coast of Milos Island in Greece, ‘Voronoi’s Corrals‘ is a geometric house created by Greek architecture studio decaArchitecture. According to the architects, the geometric structure of the residence was not only planned with the slopy terrain in mind, but also with the natural elements unique to its location such as the position of the sun, direction of the wind as well as indigenous plants. Additionally, a pool offers panoramic views of the sea. On the concept behind it, the studio says: “During our research we found that a third of the plot has been plowed and cultivated at least for over 60 years. Besides the extensive planting we did, we also engaged with the idea of the rural productivity of the land by employing mechanical strategies that give the project as much infrastructural independence to support its leisure activities without burdening the environment excessively.”

All images © Stale Eriksen

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