Lossapardo’s Art Illustrates Both Loneliness And Solitude


Lossapardo is a French painter, musician and animator whose paintings convey a quiet but strong emotion. The Paris-based artist combines music and art to create animations that tell a melancholic story of human sensitivity.

Loneliness and insomnia are two themes evident in Lossapardo’s work, and both are experiences that many people deal with in today’s world. “I paint a certain mood in every piece”, Lossapardo explains in an interview with IGNANT. “There’s something negative perceived in terms of loneliness, and in this series I wanted to talk about the need to be alone sometimes, to have those stolen moments”. Each painting tells a different story with attention to color, light and shadow. When asked about his decision to merge music and art together, Lossapardo describes the power of music as an art form—that it’s “The type of art people are the most sensitive to”. The combination of audiovisual art is something that always touched him, and he therefore wanted to produce a body of work that would instil this same emotion in his audience. “Music allows you to add depth to a story”, he muses, and he hopes that the viewer will find themselves “In a cozy place to stay, just for once when you want to be selfish, and be alone to enjoy a calm night”. That is after all, the point of enjoying solitude—something Lossapardo wishes we would do more often.


All images and animations © Lossapardo

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