Humorous Collages By Naomi Vona


Italian artist Naomi Vona created these works that are equally simple as genius. She shops vintage photographs from people all over the world, drawing and collaging right on the pieces of personal history. We especially enjoy the fancy face masks that her subjects unwittingly wear which make them look even more mysterious and also a little funny. You can find more of her works on her Flickr and get to know her favourite artists on her Blog.

All images © Naomi Vona

Naomi Vona_Art_01Naomi Vona_Art_02Naomi Vona_Art_03Naomi Vona_Art_04Naomi Vona_Art_05Naomi Vona_Art_06Naomi Vona_Art_07Naomi Vona_Art_08Naomi Vona_Art_09Naomi Vona_Art_10
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