Lizan Freijsen Transforms Mold Stains Into Patterned Textiles


Dutch artist Lizan Freijsen reimagines images of the things many find repulsive—mold growth, funghi, leakages, and water stains on walls—and crafts them into colored carpets, wall hangers and blankets.

According to Freijsen’s artist statement, the works she creates are installed primarily in new houses “In order to give them a history”. Changing something seemingly unattractive into an item of value is Freijsen’s way of “Recycling what is already present”. All works are created using hand-tufting, which is a technique for rug making that uses a hand-held tool called a tufting gun. The gun punches the fiber strands through the fabric canvas in fast motions. The design for the rug is first drawn on to the canvas, and then Freijsen uses the gun to manoeuvre the required color fibre into the canvas strands, creating circular patterns in the shape of the aforementioned mould and water stains. Freijsen is interested in society’s attempt to ban moulds and moisture spots from our environment, as well as our obsession with hygiene. “Embracing imperfection is in fact a response to the overcontrolled society in which we live”, she explains. “Witnessing the beauty of slow growing processes and being surrounded by urban nature connects inner time with a sense of home.”


All images © Lizan Freijsen