Otherworldly Nudes By Shae DeTar


New York-based artist Shae DeTar, who we’ve featured before, combines photography and painting to create otherworldly photographic prints featuring nudes. For her latest set of ethereal images, she shot both analog and digital photographs and then added layers of paint to emphasize color, texture and a fantastical element.

In an interview about her affinity for featuring the female form in her work, DeTar says, “Shooting nudes, I did make a very conscious decision to portray the female nude in a way where women didn’t feel like a sexualized object. I am so used to the media feeding us objectified, sexualized imagery of what it is that they think a female body means to people, and I’m clearly not alone in desiring to portray women’s bodies in a more powerful way than that.”

All images © Shae DeTar

Shae Detar_Art_3Shae Detar_Art_0Shae Detar_Art_2Shae Detar_Art_1Shae Detar_Art_5Shae Detar_Art_6Shae Detar_Art_7Shae Detar_Art_8Shae Detar_Art_4Shae Detar_Art_9Shae Detar_Art_10Shae Detar_Art_11
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