Aunties Project By Aleah Chapin


For her series ‘Aunties Project’ artist Aleah Chapin studied wrinkles, tattoos, mastectomy scars, pubic hair, lactating breasts and sagging bosoms, painting a series of giant nudes, featuring a group of older women – her mother’s friends, who she ‘grew-up with’ and has known all her life.

The artist states: “I’m nearing the age my parents were when they had me, so there’s this interesting layering of generations. I wanted to explore that in my work.”
But, as well as being a personal project, Chapin’s work has also investigate in the subject of body image. “Most women have issues and I’m not immune to that. We’re told that our bodies are supposed to be a ‘certain height, certain size, certain weight’. But the pictures we see are completely unrealistic; they’re very Photoshopped. We all know it when we look at them in magazines and yet, we still compare ourselves. That’s why we need images that show all sorts of bodies – so we can accept every size and shape.”

All images © Aleah Chapin | Via: Telegraph

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