Photographer Dara Scully Captures The Tenderness Of Childhood


Spanish photographer Dara Scully captures compelling images of children in nature. The photographs explore childhood and how innocence, desire, cruelty and tenderness can be easily intertwined during this time. In an interview about her photography, Scully says: “I usually understand my work like a book of poems, like a visual notebook about all my past lives. I was the young woman, I lived her love story with the ancient tree… I think that, in the end, my photographs are memories. I never lived them, but they exist.”

All images © Dara Scully

Dara Scully_Photography_10Dara Scully_Photography_6Dara Scully_Photography_2Dara Scully_Photography_4Dara Scully_Photography_7Dara Scully_Photography_11Dara Scully_Photography_9Dara Scully_Photography_8Dara Scully_Photography_5Dara Scully_Photography_3Dara Scully_Photography_1
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