A Modern House That Lights Up In Different Colors


Designed by Brussels-based architect Bassam El Okeily in collaboration with Karla Menten, the ‘Narrow House’ is a minimal three-story residence with a unique facade located in Bilzen, Belgium. In the evening, the modern street facade – which features two interior balconies in skewed shapes – is lit up in different colors resembling a light sculpture. Inside, the 5.3 meter wide-building has several geometric windows and a jagged ceiling.

All images © Tim van de Velde

Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_1Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_0Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_2Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_4Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_3Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_6Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_7Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_8Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_9Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_10Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_11Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_5Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_4.5Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_FP 2Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_FP 3Bassam El Okeily_Architecture_FP
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