Portrait of Species


In his series ‘Portrait of a Species’ Rowan Corkill presents a collection of dead animals, as if he just came from a hunt and proudly presents them to the viewer. All of them are self portraits of Corkill, with a blank stare and an animal in his mouth.

With this project, he places mankind as a dominant predator far beyond food chains, and questions various aspects of our existence and position on the planet: the distancing we have created from other species, the loss of natural instincts and senses, as well as our disconnection from nature and natural cycles. Apart from the canary, all of the animals used in the images were found at the sides of roads around the countryside where the artist lived. All of these animals have died as a result of man-kinds continuous effect on the planet.

All images © Rowan Corkill

Rowan Corkill_06Rowan Corkill_02Rowan Corkill_03Rowan Corkill_04Rowan Corkill_05Rowan Corkill_01
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