Duffy London’s Mesmerizing Abyss Table Mirrors Ocean Depths


The creative minds behind Duffy London, which we’ve featured previously, layered wood and sculpted glass to create a mesmerizing coffee table that mimics the depths of the ocean. When viewed from the side, the handmade table resembles a cross-section of the ocean. Meanwhile, from a top view, it looks like a 3D representation of a geological map. Duffy London’s design team spent a year experimenting with various materials before finalizing the concept.

All images © Duffy London

Abyss Table_Design_01Abyss Table_Design_02 GapAbyss Table_Design_03Abyss Table_Design_04 GapAbyss Table_Design_05Abyss Table_Design_06 GapAbyss Table_Design_07
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