Born Of Fire: EWE Studio’s Limited Edition Furniture Collection

Wood, steel and blown glass have all been altered by fire to produce EWE Studio’s limited-edition furniture and lighting collection, entitled ‘Alquimia’.

Revealed at the 2018 Zona Maco art fair in Mexico City, the unique collection consists of the ‘Humo’ dining table, the ‘Cenzia’ chair and the ‘Magma’ lighting series. ‘Humo’ boasts an immense block of black Mexican Orizaba marble as the counterweight, while the countertop is made from a piece of white oak that has been blackened using a blowtorch. The off-center table support is made from burnt and oiled steel. The ‘Cenzia’ chair is also comprised of the burnt white oak and features a leather seat and a backrest designed to resemble a trident. For the ‘Magma’ series, EWE Studio have collaborated with Mexican glass manufacturer Nouvel Studio to produce a fascinating series of lamps that resemble molten lava. To craft the lamps, moulds that molten glass was poured into were hand-carved from volcanic rock. Due to the origin of the volcanic rock it is not affected by the temperature of the glass: its texture remains visible through the glass. Inside the lamps, an aged-brass gives rich coloring while the bases are made from oiled and burnt steel.


All images © EWE Studio