Alan Knox Creates Subversive Imagery Using Google Street View


In the project ‘Schengland‘, Glasgow-based photographer Alan Knox captures serene yet politically charged images of self-made road signs installed on the border between Scotland and England. At first glance, the compositions merely look like photographs of altered landscapes. However, upon further inspection, the incongruity of the signs placed within the environment becomes apparent and piques the viewer’s curiosity.

Knox explains in a statement: “‘Schengland’ explores the role of internet imagery in documenting the transformation of border controls across the European project by appropriating Google Street View images from the eastern Schengen border and installing them on the Anglo-Scots border, where debates on European integration vs. increased regional sovereignty arose in political discourse during the past year. Such a process seeks to question the constantly shifting status of internal and international borders in Europe.”

All images © Alan Knox | Via: CreativeReview

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