Jan Vranovsky Captures The Minimal Beauty In Urban Spaces

Fascinated by urban environments, Jan Vranovsky shoots stills of unassuming places in Japan and East Asia. Whether it’s an empty underpass or a staircase, his photos capture the subtle beauty and tranquility in seemingly banal spaces. Born in Prague and now based in Toyko, the photographer and designer explores how Japanese art, architecture and urban space relate to understanding European modernism.

In a statement about his work, Vranovsky says, “I’m particularly interested in capturing cultural patterns unwittingly occurring in mundane, often neglected or less known urban areas, no-name, local or vernacular architecture and customs, in search for the ‘lowest common denominator’ of architectural and behavioural Japanese-ness.”

arakawa_yellow empty_grid kanazawa underpass kanazawa_empty kanazawa_house kanazawa_patchwork kanazawa_random kanazawa_stairway kanazawa_tofu nezu_hospital pale_empty_grid sendagi_white ueda_wtf Print

All images © Jan Vranovsky