Imaginative photography by Puzzleman Leung


Photographer Puzzleman Leung captures mysterious, blurred scenes that the young talent creates in his mind. The resulting images radiate something timeless and airy as if Puzzleman captured a fleeting moment that might not even took place in real life.
The scenes are often underlaid with a certain sense of humour that stems from an obvious overdramatic behaviour of the protagonists. Puzzleman Leung lives and works in Taipeh.

All images © Puzzleman Leung

Puzzleman Leung01Puzzleman Leung02Puzzleman Leung03Puzzleman Leung04Puzzleman Leung05Puzzleman Leung06Puzzleman Leung07Puzzleman Leung08Puzzleman Leung09Puzzleman Leung10Puzzleman Leung11Puzzleman Leung12Puzzleman Leung13Puzzleman Leung15Puzzleman Leung16Puzzleman Leung14
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