Yoo Hyun Carves Hyperreal Paper Portraits By Hand


South Korean artist Yoo Hyun creates hyperreal paper portraits of prominent personalities by hand. Using an x-acto knife and tweezers, Hyun meticulously carves out the piece of paper until it resembles an abstract zig-zag pattern. Once the composition is done, the photorealistic piece can be placed on different backdrops to achieve various outcomes. Most of the artist’s work features famous faces such as Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso and Audrey Hepburn.

All images © Yoo Hyun

Yoo Hyun_Art_01Yoo Hyun_Art_08Yoo Hyun_Art_05Yoo Hyun_Art_06Yoo Hyun_Art_11Yoo Hyun_Art_04Yoo Hyun_Art_09Yoo Hyun_Art_03Yoo Hyun_Art_10Yoo Hyun_Art_07
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