The Skysphere, A Futuristic Tree House That Is Controlled Via Smartphone


Jono Williams designed and built The Skysphere, a modern version of the tree house. Located in Linton, New Zealand, the designer calls it ‘not the ordinary tree house’ since his construction not only features a 360-degree window, but can be set up virtually anywhere. Its main characteristic is the futuristic-looking shape of the 33-foot tall tower and includes features such as a fingerprint entry motorized door, high-speed internet, a rooftop stargazing platform as well as neon lighting at night. According to Jono Williams, who has a degree in computer graphic design, the building is entirely controlled via smartphone and powered solely by the sun. The whole building project cost him $50,000 and took him 3000 hours to complete. The process is documented on his blog.

All images © Jono Williams | Via: This isn’t happiness

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