The Ecocapsule, A Portable Solar-Powered Micro Home


The team behind Nice Architects designed the Ecocapsule, a portable solar and wind-powered micro home. The tiny house is totally independent thanks to a special dual power production system that can harness and reuse every kind of energy available. Its main feature is the futuristic spheric shape, which was purposely designed to minimize energy loss. Enabling a new way of living a sustainable life off-the-grid, the exact price should be announced in the last quarter of 2015. During the design and building process, the architects learned this valuable lesson: “If you want to survive, you need to utilize all resources you have available. Otherwise you will be punished by limited function. I guess, that is also applicable to planet Earth. Only punishment will be more severe.”

Visualizations © Nice Architect| Via: Quartz

Ecocapsule-01Ecocapsule-07Ecocapsule-03Ecocapsule-04Ecocapsule-05Ecocapsule-06Ecocapsule-08planSchemes - EnergoSchemes - Charging
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