On The Road Through The US With Photographer Sidi-Omar Alami


20-year-old Paris-based photographer Sidi-Omar Alami decided to leave his country after he spent one year in medicine school to explore the world with just his backpack and his camera. He states: “It was hard to make this choice, to leave my family, my friends, my comfort, but I made it because in my heart it was the good choice, and today after one year of travel I realized that it was the best choice I made in my life.

I decided to start my journey in June 2014. My first destination was the United States. My plan was to go to the US for three months. Upon arrival in the US, I didn’t know I was going on a road trip. I stayed one month in New York City (two weeks in Brooklyn) and two weeks in an apartment in Manhattan. Before I came to NYC I didn’t know anybody, and when you are somewhere alone without your friends and your family, you feel the needs to speak with new people and make new friends. One night during the world cup I met a French trader in a bar in Manhattan. Before I met him, I had no apartment, and he offered to host me for two weeks in a wonderful apartment in Broadway.

After a few days, I met a photographer in NYC and a French musician. The three of us decided to buy a cheap vintage car (Buick 1993) and go on a road trip through the US. We started in NYC, drove to Los Angeles through the northern roads and back to NYC via the southern roads. We met so many people, it was awesome. We traveled more than 10 000 miles (16 000 km) through the US and we crossed more than 20 states. It was an incredible adventure, we slept outside in the fields, in deserted areas and out in the woods. It was fun to take showers in the lake. After this huge road trip I traveled to Hawaii by myself. Now I’m on the road again, I’ve been to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonésia, Qatar, Iceland, Sweden, Morocco, Switzerland, Canada, Norway. Today and thanks to my travels, I understand more about myself and I try to make people happy through my photos. Through my photos I’d like to encourage people to travel.”

You can follow Sidi-Omar Alami via facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr.

All images © Sidi-Omar Alami

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