Sebastien Zanella


Sebastien Zanella is a professional photographer who works as an editor in chief at Desillusion Mag for 10 years now. Due to his work he travels a lot, in less than one week he will do a world tour for the magazine.

Thanks to this he kindly offered us to take us along for 24 hours on his journey through Hong Kong, China, and documents his personal impressions with his camera. As a result we got a stunning glimpse into the mega city of the Eastern World and feel as if we there also, at least for a couple of minutes. Now we invite you to enjoy a trip through Hong Kong through Sebastien’s eyes.

[09:00 am] I am in the middle of tons of humans, though I never felt so lost and alone – Underground Hong Kong Center

[10:00 am] I was lost in a forest of buildings. Then I found an artificial paradise – Avenue of Stars, Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui

[11:00 am] Lost and found in Hong Kong. That’s the paradox of a megalo-pole : it’s better to hide in the crowd.

[12:00 am] DIY Aquarium on an ancient fish market , just in front of the restaurant. So you just have to pick a fish to get it served. Not sure I’m hungry.

[2:00 pm] I think I’m lost again. Google maps, on my phone is just available in Chinese language, so like a modern adventurer, I follow the tallest building… and walk.

[4:00 pm] ‘An escalator can never break It can only become stairs.’ Here, escalators are everywhere and I think they might just have the world’s longest.

[9:00 pm] The Hong Kong machinery never sleeps. I walked around for ten hours and feel like I am dying, when I finally hit the 43th floor of my hotel. The last thing I remember is the view out of my room, Hong Kong seems so small… I thought, though my feet told me something else.

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