Jimmy Nelson Portrays The Disappearing Tribes Of The World


Photographer Jimmy Nelson spent three years visiting more than 35 groups, tribes and people of indigenous cultures all around the world to create his series ‘Before They Pass Away’. His aim was to capture portraits of the disappearing people groups and to preserve glimpses of their rites, customs, and traditions.

The resulting images are hauntingly beautiful, offering a rare insight into a world seemingly far away from the one we live in where it’s all about the latest sneaker release, the biggest car and a well filled bank account. The photographer states: “There is no sociology, no statistics. It’s how I see the world. I am aiming to document the variety and importance of what is left of indigenous culture. Yes, it’s idealistic. Indigenous peoples are usually portrayed as impoverished. But they have a wealth and a pride. It’s not only about material possessions. I shoot from a very personal, aesthetic point of view. Different people can interpret what they like.”

You can follow Jimmy Nelson via Instagram, check out his latest TED talk or purchase the book ‘Before They Pass Away’ here.

All images © Jimmy Nelson | Via: designboom

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