Serge Najjar Captures The Architecture Of Light

Lebanese photographer Serge Najjar’s series “The Architecture of Light” explores the natural illumination of buildings around his native Beirut. His high-contrast black and white photos focus on the geometric shapes, lines and patterns cast upon the walls of concrete structures around the city. Playing with negative space and the tension between sunshine and shadow, Najjar’s compositions reflect his artistic philosophy that “It’s not about what you see, but how you see it.”

sergenajjarlight_photography_001 sergenajjarlight_photography_002 sergenajjarlight_photography_003 sergenajjarlight_photography_004 sergenajjarlight_photography_005 sergenajjarlight_photography_006 sergenajjarlight_photography_007 sergenajjarlight_photography_008 sergenajjarlight_photography_009

All images © Serge Najjar