Intimacy by Peter Puklus


Peter Puklus is a fine art and editorial photographer living and working in Budapest, Hungary. He says: ‘I collect the portraits of the people around me. I map and document those who are close to me in one way or another (I collect memories). Slowly I will get to everybody.

Relatives or friends, the important thing is that the photograph can be the symbol of my relationship to them. Or the relationship of the people in the photograph. Or that personal secret, one’s eyes may reveal. I capture a moment, the magic of which lies in trust; intimacy and photography, in other words, the story of love, friendship and identity.’ We enjoy his photographs living from their quiet, reduced beauty. Even when there is a mess, there never seems to be too much at view.

All images © Peter Puklus

puklus01Melinda after hairwashing, 2005, Parispuklus03puklus04puklus05puklus06puklus07puklus08puklus09puklus10
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