#ignt_bicycle Winner Nico Oppel


Every Thursday we announce a certain topic via a hashtag, afterwards you’ll have 4 days to make a photo working with that topic and upload it to your Instagram using the hashtag. Who shot the best image will be featured as our Insta Fav in the following week. This weeks topic is #ignt_dotted and here are a few rules and tips:

– Please only submit your own photographs to the project and keep them in a square format. Any image tagged until Sunday 0.00 am MESZ is eligible to be featured right here.
– If you want to submit your photo, use the hashtag #ignt_dotted and upload your photo until Sunday the 24.05 on your Instagram account. Have fun and good luck, we can’t wait to see your submissions.

Hamburg-based mobile photographer Nico Oppel aka @eskimo won the following Feature with his picture for our last topic #ignt_bicycle. Thank you for all your submissions.

Follow: @eskimo

When and where did you take the picture? Tell us a little about the idea behind it.

I took the image during a Sunday stroll. My friend @svefn_g_englar brought his beautiful Peugeot bike along and I really wanted to take a picture of it. Though I wanted to stage it well since he puts a lot of time and effort into his vehicle. I remembered this facade at the harbor which has a great, minty color. So we walked from our favorite pub to the harbor and were lucky enough to have no car blocking the view onto the wall.

Where are you from? How does that place influence the way you photograph?

Originally I’m from Bremen, love has brought me to Hamburg two years ago. Hansa town welcomed me with its arms wide open. I met important people who help me develop my photographic style. Since I am still pretty new in Hamburg, I often take long strolls to discover new, exciting places.

Who and what are the things that inspire you?

My biggest inspiration is traveling. Meeting new people and exploring new surroundings pushes my creativity. Followed by music. When I start editing, I always have a song in my ear. It’s my way of catching the true essence of a photo. My feed is also kinda like a personal soundtrack.

Your favorite Instagrammers?

First of all I’d like to mention my guys of #hansegang: @tomtehh, @aguynamedriadh and @themodernleper. I owe them a lot. I also really enjoy the clear precision of @konaction, the imagery of @itisnovember and the gifted eye of @guillaume_dx.

Which Apps do you use to edit your pictures?

To edit lines and perspectives I use SKRWT. Afterwards VSCOcam and PS Express. Everything from taking the picture to finally posting it happens on my phone.

Tell us a little about your everyday. (Family, friends, work, etc.)

I am leaving the house early since I work as a teacher for handicapped people. I have very little time for myself during the week thus mobile photography plays a significant role in my life. Taking pictures with your cell is so intuitive. I always carry it with me to be able to capture my surroundings, people and moments. I edit the pictures I take during my train rides.

All images © Nico Oppel

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