#ignt_upsidedown Top 10 Submissions


Thank you for all the amazing submissions to our interactive Instagram project with the hashtag #ignt_upsidedown

The winner is Hongkong-based Abdela Igmirien and you can see the #ignt_upsidedown winner picture above. Be sure to check out his account on instagram for more great photos!

We’d also like to show you all of the Top 10 of all the submissions we received. Check out their feeds by clicking on their names.

Every week we announce a certain topic via a hashtag. Afterwards you’ll have 4 days to make a photo related to our topic and upload it to your Instagram using the hashtag for a chance to be featured. This week’s topic is #ignt_ontheroad and here are a few rules and tips:

– Please only submit your own photographs to the project and keep them in a square format. Any image tagged until Sunday 0.00 am MESZ is eligible to be featured right here.
– If you want to submit your photo, use the hashtag #ignt_ontheroad and upload your photo until Sunday the 19.07. on your Instagram account. Have fun and good luck, we can’t wait to see your submissions.










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