Observatory-Inspired Garage, Library And Study by Ziegler Antonin


Ziegler Antonin created this extension of a rural home located right at the seafront. The space works as a garage, library and study. The architects had the idea of an observatory in mind when building it. The library and study room is lifted two meters above ground so you’ll have direct views onto the ocean. You can open the structure on three sides so that the inhabitants can adjust the building to the current light situation, it surroundings and the changing seasons. It’s supposed to be a place to concentrate and retreat.

All images © Ziegler Antonin

ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_01ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_02ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_03ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_04ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_05ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_06ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_07ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_08ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_09ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_10ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_11ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_12ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_13ZIEGLER Antonin_House05_14
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