Pizza is the New Black


You can find various fancy Pizza creations out there these days but Parisian design studio Black Pizza created some really interesting combinations for their food art series ‘Pizza is the New Black’.

They teamed up with photographer Erwan Fichou and food stylist Julie Basset, inventing Pizzas like ‘Pink Lady’, ‘WTF’ or ‘Coin coin’ adding ingredients such as Tiger balm, Chopsticks, pink lipstick or even a goldfish to the usual toppings. The mix of edible ingredients and strange objects results in a quirky and colorful composition of inedible Pizza creations. If you like these, you should check out the Fat &Furious burger creations.

Coin coin: Soy beans, cape gooseberry, lemon, bananas, Mirabelle plum, banana purée, pineapple, snapdragon flower

Hot Chinese: Goji berries, Litchi, Orchid flower, Chilli, Tiger balm, Chopsticks, Dried dates, Goldfish

Pink Lady: Coulis, raspberries, French strawberry gum Tagada Pink, radish, snapdragon flower, Malabar, nail varnish, pink lipstick, glossy case

WTF: Red cabbage, beetroot, blueberries, beetroot shoots, Finger monster

Pong : Crab, scallops, salmon sashimi, muscles, pink prawns, salmon eggs, ping-pong ball

Brown Sugar: Chocolate, walnuts and hazelnuts, mini-chocolate cake, star anise, cinnamon, linseeds, coffee beans, Westers Original

Bio: AB organic certified label, Cactus, rocket, peas, mint, green beans, pea shoots and shiso, cress

Acid: glitter, Dummy, Smurf, toothpaste, Dragibus, small elastic bands, Lindt chocolates

Concarneau: Fishing net, hooks, oysters, sardine, black mushroom, muscles, bolts, black pepper

White Myst: Button mushrooms, Hesperia flower, fennel, coconut, endive leaves, enoki, sesame, sugar, child’s hand

Dark Moon: Black rice, balsamic cream and jelly, capelin roe, black mushroom, blueberries, blackberries, coarse-ground black pepper, seaweed

All images © Erwan Fichou | Via: Inspiration Grid

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