Sex and Takeout by Sarah Bahbah


Australian photographer Sarah Bahbah created the series ‘Sex and Takeout’, capturing naked people with various kinds of food. The food items are mostly used as props to cover up their naughty bits, sometimes they are just lying around while a couple is fooling around next to them. You can see much more of the series on her Instagram or by following the tagg #sexandtakeout.

All images © Sarah Bahbah | Via: Designtaxi

Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_01Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_02Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_03Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_04Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_05Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_06Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_07Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_08Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_09Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_10Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_11Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_12Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_13Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_14Sarah Bahbah_sexandtakeout_15
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