The Mystery Of Sleep By Maryam Ashkanian


Iranian artist Maryam Ashkanian made a name for herself as a painter and sculptor. Her hand-sewn fabric art ‘Sleep Series’ has recently made an impression in the international art world. For this she chose the finest cloths as bases for pillows. On this collection of pillows, the artist embroidered portrayals of sleeping people. Ashkanian understands dreams as a way of entering a broader universe. In the given time frame sleeping people are observers, still gaining unique experiences. “Images of us in dreams are revealed in the right truest evidence; an original icon which introduces us to the peripheral world wildly“, states the artist. In 2012 she received the Bachelor of Art in painting at the Art Faculty of Gilan University in Iran. Ashkanian’s works are exposed in solo and group exhibitions internationally.

All images © Maryam Ashkanian
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