A Day With Tina Sosna


We’ve already introduced you to German photographer Tina Sosna aka worteinbildern on iGNANT and since we can’t get enough of her beautiful analogue photography full of warm light and precious moments, we asked her to join our 24 Hours series, were we get to follow her through one day in her life.

The resulting images are quite characteristic for Tina Sosna’s work, featuring this magical glow while she takes us on a tour through nature together with her boyfriend, enjoying these little moments, eating cake, spending time outside, feeling the sun on her skin, that actually make it count. If you want to see more of her world, you can also follow Tina Sosna on Facebook or Instagram.

[9:00 am] The morning light wakes us up and we peek trough the blinds to see what this new day has to offer

[9:30 am] While I lie in bed I enjoy watching how the sun rays meet the skin of my boyfriend, before we get cozy again on the bed that is also covered in warm light.

[10:00 am] Before we can start to enjoy the day I go to university to work for a little project with old graphics.

[11:30 am] We decide to have a walk and take pictures in the winter light before it starts to get rare later this year.

[1:00 am] Sometimes you can discover so many beautiful things in nature. This time a tree covered with lichen that looks almost like snow with tiny red berries.

[1:30 pm] We reached our destination. A tiny tower with a lovely view on the different forests and fields. Hungry from the walk we share a cake and an iced chocolate on a wooden bench while we listen to the talks of other people and watch their gestures.

[3:00 pm] I get cozy and warm before we start to walk to the town again. I always have to stop when I feel how the light touches my skin. On a bench beside a field a lovely red kitten wants to get some cuddles from the people that walk down from the tower.

[3:30 pm] We take the bus to my home and share thoughts and stories.

[4:00 pm] At home I open my mailbox and see two beautiful letters from Cèline and Anna I read on my bed while my boy is listening to the sentences I want to share with him. Before it gets dark I prepare some orders for my envelope shop so that they arrive in time.

[5:00 pm] The sunlight is gone and we have to turn on the lights. A warm evening begins.

[7:00 pm] We are making christmas cookies and light the candles everywhere. On my bed we enjoy some tea, hot chocolate and fresh oranges my boy peels while I crack the nuts for some cookies I want to give away as a present.

All images © Tina Sosna

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