A Hike In The Bavarian Alps


Hannover-based photographer Katharina Geber took a trip to the Karwendel Alps in Bavaria where she climbed up to the Soiernpitze peak, the highest mountain in the region. Previously, we featured her nostalgic photographs. This time, she captures images of misty mountains, dreamy sunsets and ethereal landscapes.

[9:00] We started our mountain hike with a side trip into the ravine, where the clear water there was incredible.

[13:00] Further up, the hill was covered in mist and clouds. It felt like being underwater.

[17:00] Drenched and cold, we arrived at the shelter and spent the evening warming up and trying to dry up as much as possible.

[22:00] The setting sun colored the sky pink and left the mountains in a lush red.

[8:00] A little tired, we started our hike to Soiernspitze peak the next morning. Luckily, the weather had changed and the sun joined us as we climbed.

[11:30] On the peak we took our time to rest and enjoy the view, while I took pictures of my loved ones. We were exhausted, but perfectly happy. I love the mountains, the rough stone, and the dense woods – they make everything else seem so trivial.

All images © Katharina Geber

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