Ion Hotel by Minarc Architects


In a land of myth and legend, where fire meets ice, surrounded by hot springs, glaciers, and the mystical glow of the Northern Lights Minarc Architects created a new Hotel in Iceland, near Thingvellir national park that reflects the natural beauty of the region with clarity and simplicity. Inspired by the environmental surroundings the hotel incorporates innovative materials, sustainable practices and the natural features of Iceland into its design.

The architects approach was ‘to create a hotel experience as dramatic and otherworldly as the natural Icelandic surroundings, where the built and natural environments can coexist, integrate, even synergies’.

All images © Minarc Architects | Via: archdaily

Ion Hotel_Minarc_07Ion Hotel_Minarc_02Ion Hotel_Minarc_03Ion Hotel_Minarc_04Ion Hotel_Minarc_05Ion Hotel_Minarc_06
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