Laura Zalenga


Laura Zalenga is a young, Germany-based photographer. She aims to tell stories and infuses reality with a little piece of her own imagination in every picture she takes. When we asked her to be part of our 24 Hours series, she rewarded us with these beautiful images, taken while travelling the world with her friends.

“These 24 hours were part of a big adventure, that I was able to experience in Canada last month. We took a roadtrip from Vancouver to Portland along the coast, passing Seattle and camping on sandy beaches and marram grass fiels. This day started in Cape Kiwanda and took us through Portland to a deserted beach close to Tillamook.”

[6:00 am] Every day during our journey we got up just after the sun did, to not miss the most beautiful light of the day.

[6:15 am] We couldn’t resist to take some photos in the misty light at the little grove close to the campsite before heading to the beach at Cape Kiwanda. This thick fog is too marvelous too not take some pictures here too.

[7:30 am] Back on the road. Portland is still a few hours away, but the amazing landscape even makes lazily sitting in the car exciting. We had to follow a truck for some time and again noticed how this low speed limit changes your perception.

[11:30 am] After finally arriving in Portland we’re hungrily loking for the infamous “Food Chart”. After lunch I make my way back to the streets to find some subjects for my „1001 Strangers Project“.

[5:00 pm ] After another drive back to the coast we arrive at another secluded beach. The 15 minutes long walk from the car up to the sea is a little tedious but rewards us with a beautiful view of endless, overgrown dunes and a misty beach.

Hiding ourselves from the wind behind one of the dunes, we eat our supper and take pictures until the light completely disappears in the nightly fog.

[8:30 pm] Our luxurious roost stands right in the center of the tall marram grass and promises a fairly windless night. We snuggle up in our sleeping bags, listen to the sound of the sea and try to digest the beauty of today. Good night!

[5:30 am] Another early morning. Our tent is dipped in the morning’s mist instead of the sunset and seems to slumber in a lonesome vastness.

The light on the beach is tempting, so I’m changing the warmth of my sleeping bag to the chillness of the beach in the early morning to take some self portraits and enjoy my solitude in this breathtaking landscape.

Back at the tent I’m delighted with the morning dew and wonder what the next 24 hours have to offer for us.

All images © Laura Zalenga

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