Maud Chalard


We asked one of our favorite photographers, Maud Chalard to take us with her for an exclusive 24 Hours Feature, introducing us to her life through the lens of her camera. The French photographer brought us along to a fisherman’s hut in her home country, where she spent some time with her sister, capturing their experiences with her characteristic sense for beautiful sceneries and emotional, private insights.

She says: “I am deeply in love with my sister. I find it hard to describe, as her heart is pure, filled with infinite kindness, incredibly generosity, and sweetness like no other. Her angelic face is like a fresh camellia still dew and rising in the light of dawn.”

[08:00 am] We slowly wake up in our wooden cabin, my sister shines with beauty.

[10:00 am] We enjoy a breakfast with good coffee, good jam and fresh eggs from the farm.

[11:00 am] Small boat ride on the lake in front of the hut , the sun is shining in our faces.

[1:00 pm] We visit an enchanting tree house that is close to our cabin.

[1:30 pm] My sister is playing the piano. We just hang out and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

[3:00 pm] We explore the farm and play a little with the animals. That calf looks so much like a deer …

[6:00 pm] We go for a walk and enjoy the silence and beauty of the countryside, we are all alone out here. Afterwards we return to our cabin to prepare dinner.

[9:00 pm] After our candle light dinner, we feel light hearted, just playing games the games from our childhood and we don’t even care that there is no electricity.

All images © Maud Chalard

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