Wednesday – Paper Works


On a sunny morning we visit Chrish and Jenny Klose in their Berlin-based paper manufacture ‘Wednesday – Paper Works’. The two sisters love their craft and they love paper. Jenny is a trained bookbinder and the ‘hands’ of the project, while Chrish is the ‘eyes’, handling the designs of their various products.

The two seem to share almost as many differences as similarities. Chrish is the excitable extrovert, while Jenny comes across as more practical-minded. Both are obsessive collectors of books and notebooks that inspire their own projects. Their individual characteristics find form in their products, which are so full of love and bright colours, contain clever aesthetic details and are bound in great materials. We love to pick their paper goods up ourselves and discover their physical beauty in our own hands.

The Baby Journal – their most successful release to date – originally emerged because Chrish was looking for a beautiful album with which to document the first year of her son’s life, but found nothing that matched her own vision. Without further ado she went about designing her own journal and, like everything else Wednesday – Paper Works churns out, arrived perfectly formed. It can be expanded as the baby grows and individually personalized with the baby’s name.

Their other topical journals on cooking, knitting and baking combine playful elements with a high level of functionality. “I have no idea whether our journals actually inspire people to knit, cook or bake, but if you already enjoy doing these things then you’ll find our books to be both a useful and beautiful helping hand”, Chrish explains. People need things that occupy both body and mind. We cook, knit, make music, garden and write because we’re able to achieve small successes and find friends that we so badly need to balance out our hectic everyday lives. Both sisters are convinced of this life philosophy. When we leave the small manufacture, we must admit that we fell a little in love with paper, with the multi-colored journals resplendent in their diverse materials, and in love with Wednesday – Paper Works.

Find their current product line here and read more about the duo here.

Photography by Marlen Mueller | Words by Caroline Kurze | Translation by Jamie Craig

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