Misunderstanding Focus


Misunderstanding Focus is a series of 27 portraits, shot by the creative unit Nerhol, composed of Yoshihisa Tanaka who plans the ideas, and Ryuta Iida who sculpts them. ‘Nerhol’ i a mash up of two words, ‘neru’ to plan ideas and ‘holu’ to sculpt and carve.

The series evolves through the idea that humans cannot stay still. It is by instinct that the consciousness manages to find a way to arrive at the surface of a subject. Even when a human body stops for a given period and the muscles that support the body begin to stiffen, the blood continues to circulate causing the slightest wavering in one’s center of balance. Our consciousness, sending electric signals endlessly throughout our body, reveal the effect of this energy, which results in motion. The attempt was to ‘freeze’ time on paper by shooting a subject during a three minute period. Minimizing the entire process by shooting and stacking, the inevitable movements of the body and facial expressions are captured revealing the subtle differences in motion.

All images © Nerhol | Via: I Heart My Art

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