Gravity By Massimo Colonna


Italian digital artist Massimo Colonna’s ‘Gravity’ series depicts everyday objects suspended in the air, floating between the corners of Luis Barragan-esque buildings.

Interested in simple and linear architectural settings — a tiled balcony or a sand-colored archway — Colonna photographs the interaction between buildings and everyday objects such as balloons or basketballs. Despite the fact that no individuals are physically captured in the images, the viewer senses that someone is hiding behind the next corner, launching the paper airplane or bouncing the basketball. Colonna’s staged scenes are geometrically divided by light and dark, with shadows casting angular shapes down onto the ground. He explains that ‘Gravity’ is inspired by buildings like ‘House and Studio’ by Luis Barragan and ‘La Muralla Roja’ by Ricardo Bofill, both of which are painted in bold hues and defined by labyrinthian layers.

All images © Massimo Colonna

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