Paintings by Matthias Moravek


The works of the Berlin based painter Matthias Moravek deal with aspects of the construction of nature as a result of its artistic visualization.

The works combine views of expeditions, discoveries and dioramas represented by white shapes  – the uncolored canvas – that mainly deal with the presence and absence of those sceneries. 

Set in mostly alpine, nordic or tropical surroundings, the motifs displayed find themselves in polychromatic landscapes. Referring to the desire of discovering the unknown as an enterprise both adventurous, ambitious and ambivalent. Matthias Moravek’s painting style distinguishes itself through expressive gestures, which are nevertheless defeated by the consequence of self-imposed formality. The paintings embody various possibilities in their innate picturesque expression. Thus the process of painting itself becomes a subject of the paintings. The motifs change between figuration and abstraction and succumb to a picturesque alienation process.

All images © Matthias Moravek and iGNANT

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