Flickr Friday


We – We gazed at the water and it was glittering. Glitter and glint just like your plastic Christmas tree with its purple lametta. We turned with the sun, because it is so important to you and I don’t mind. As the smoke of your Largo blowns into my face, I know you are there. We are. We.

Text by Anna Töws

Image © Aaron Feaver

Image © Gigja Einarsdottir

Image © Alexander Alekseenko

Image © Jeremiah

Image © Robert Moses Joyce

Image © Kelsey Hannah

Image © Caiti Borruso

Image © Nina Ahn

Image © Brian Oldham

feaverish:5836451630gigjae:10141921614ashtonleee:5118033192:fuzzysaurus:7108648863orangebubblegum:59840603646308318456_a0764a9bb9_bcaitianne:9706843550nina ahnbrian_oldham:8586216433
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