Dune House and Office


Jetty and Maarten Min, of Bergen office Min2 have completed their own house and studio in North Holland with an arched rooftop, tiled walls and exposed tree-trunk columns. They designed the three-storey Dune House on a coastal dune in Bergen and used unfinished timber, clay tiles and curved profiles to help the building fit in with its rural setting.

Offering a twist on the traditional mansard roof, the house is wrapped on three sides by a skin of clay tiles. Horizontal slices through this skin create a series of sea-facing windows on the north elevation, while a double-height window frames a view of the dune landscape to the south. Inside, the house contains studio spaces on its ground floor, while the living areas comprise a two-storey loft above. Kitchen, living and dining areas occupy a larger open-plan space on the first floor, surrounded by the chunky Douglas fir columns. Arched wooden joists are visible overhead, plus a boxy poplar staircase leads up to a mezzanine bedroom. A similar staircase links the house with the studio below, which features a generous workspace, a meeting and conference room and a library. The houses’s bathroom is also located on this floor.

Images © Erik Boschman, Sjaak Henselmans, Liesbeth van der Wal | Via: Dezeen

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