Rube Goldberg Green

Domestic Tasks Performed With Complex Simplicity


In ‘Complex Simplicity’, photographer Jonathan Knowles presents simple domestic tasks, performed through elaborate chain reactions.

The image series was created in collaboration with artist Kyle Bean and art director Lauren Catten, inspired by the complex contraptions of Rube Goldberg. Together, the creative team have orchestrated five domino-effect style sequences for the use of household goods, adding unnecessary extravagance to domestic scenarios. By appropriating these familiar materials amongst handmade cogs, pulleys and ropes, the collaborators have created a playful, tongue-in-cheek exploration of stretching objects to new functional abilities. As a viewer’s eye is led to anticipate the left-to-right progression of each scenario, the situation reveals itself to be endearingly ridiculous, offering a long-winded approach to mindless household chores.

Rube Goldberg Blue
Rube Goldberg Green
Rube Goldberg Blue
Rube Goldberg Blue
Rube Goldberg Pink

All images © Jonathan Knowles


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