#60 Monifaktur – 2nd Advent – WIN!


So the second Advent has happened. And that means that Christmas is in 15 days. Who wants to be entertained by 32 playing cards until then or on Christmas evening itself has now the chance to win A Deck of Cards (different).

With a different perspective on good old jack, king, queen and ace I composed the cardgame for visual aesthetes, notorious gamblers, collectors, card fetishists, fortunetellers and drinking games (printed on water-repellent synthetic paper). It’s also available here at the iGNANT shop.

Here is an extract from my 47th MONIFAKTUR about my thoughts on the motives on the paying cards. (only in german, sorry)

To win A Deck of Cards (different) send a mail with your full name to [email protected]. Everyone who participates will take part in the drawing. The winner will be selected randomly, he/she will be announced here on Wednesday, December 11th. Good luck!
The Winner is Oliver Metlewicz

See you next Advent!

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