Insta Favs #32: Amanda Jas


Amanda Jasnowski is now a Brooklyn Girl, originally coming from Ohio. Moving here last year, she mostly works in New York and Los Angeles. In High School she started taking photos and hasn’t stopped since. Her aesthetic has grown much since the beginning and that’s why she left work from her earlier days online, mostly to serve as a visual timeline that expresses the growth.

She is fascinated to see people’s earlier work and to be able to see how their visual taste evolved. There has always been a sense of intimacy to her work, mixed with her eternal love of light. Moving to a new city on her own with many other talented people making amazing work has been really influential for her. She has a never ending list of personal projects and a goal of her for the new year is to explore more mediums. Amanda says ‘My life wouldn’t be the same without the internet, which is something I’ve come to accept and be entirely thankful for. I hope to inspire others just as I am inspired and if I’m lucky I’ll move them or help them see the world in a different way’.

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