Top 10 Unique Lamp Designs


The easiest way to alter the perception of your living space is by changing the lighting. A creative desk lamp can add a touch of personality to your office area while atmospheric lighting can cast a different mood on your living room. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite modern lamp designs so that you can get some ideas on how to illuminate your home just the way you like. See more lamps and lighting items in our shop.


Designed by Slovakian designer Tomas Kral, ‘Terracotta’ is a series of lamps made of red clay, the material typically found in flower pots or tiles. The smooth and simple lamp designs come in various models and sizes. It’s available here.



If you’re looking for a lamp with a subtle flair, this minimal standing lamp by Muller Van Severen might do the trick. The steel structure, which comes in four colors, appears to have a life of its own. It’s available here.



Whether sitting in a bookshelf or on your desk, this sleek and unconventionally shaped lamp by German design brand Deparso can add a touch of elegance to your space. The small lamp comes in five colors. It’s available here.



This glass tube lamp designed by Tokyo-based studio Nendo for Bohemian glass specialist Lasvit appears to be both soft and sculptural. Each lamp looks as if it has been pinched or pressed at certain places. It’s available here.



The Orbicular lamp, designed by Massachusetts-based studio Nervous System, is a 3D-printed piece inspired by the veins in leaves and plants. Each lamp is a one-of-a-kind design and casts a fascinating shadow onto walls and ceilings. It’s available here.



Created by Berlin-based design studio LJLamps, which typically produces lamps made of concrete and wood, Edison lightbulb is a vintage piece based on the original form of a lightbulb. It’s available here.



What looks like a hanging light fixture at first glance is actually a customizable lamp by German design studio MY KILOS that can also help you untangle your cables. The piece has fourteen sockets and can hold up to 3000 watts. It’s available here.



The Birdhouse Light is a clever multi-purpose furniture piece that can be used as a lamp or storage space in the bedroom or living room. Not only that, a book can also be placed on the roof of the house and used as a bookmark. It’s available here.



The Peel Wall Light by Tokyo-based design studio YOY is a striking lamp that fits into the corner of a room and looks like light is peering through as wallpaper peels off. The OLED light can be hung on the wall with a hook. It’s available here.



If you’re looking for a quirky hanging lamp, perhaps this wood pendant light bubble by Greek light shop Lambater could be something for you. Each piece is made by hand and constructed with natural beech wood. It’s available here.


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