Top 10 Submissions #2


Since we’re always on the lookout for exciting projects from creatives, we recently launched a nifty submission tool so artists, photographers, architects and designers can upload their work through our site. Although not all submissions will be published, we do take the time to look at all of them.

We’re regularly highlighting some of our favorite projects in our Top 10 Submissions post. If you’d like to submit your work through our site, click here.

‘Diary Work’ by Sophie Harris-Taylor

London-based photographer Sophie Harris-Tayor specializes in fine art and portrait photography, in which she only works with natural light. The ‘Diary’ series features softly lit shots of people in an intimate home environment. In a statement about her work, Harris-Taylor says:  “As a photographer I’m interested in finding some element of the truth in people. Often examining our perception of the female form, I’m also particularly interested in showing the beauty in vulnerability, with recurring themes of obsession, domesticity and the everyday.” See more photos here.

‘Orator’ by Katia Tolstykh

‘Orator’ is a design piece by Katia Tolstykh that functions as a bird’s nest and feeder. The main element of the copper structure consists of a speaker “for better dissemination of sounds of singing birds”, as the designer says. Tolstykh is based in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia and specializes in furniture as well as product design. See more photos here.

‘ALONE.’ by Jonathan Smith

In the series ‘ALONE.’, British photographer Jonathan Smith captures the vast and empty landscapes of Iceland in serene images. Smith says about his work that “the set expresses the loneliness one feels while being in the ever changing landscape”. See more photos here.

Sebastian Herzau

Sebastian Herzau is a young German artist with a degree in painting and graphics. His artworks depict portraits in soft colors behind a blurred surface. In a statement about his work, Herzau says: “How important is the second separating surface that enigmatic figure, the strokes allows the reality separates from the surface? Is the surface, the image real? The figure that we can see only dimly, is kept at a distance, but it seems she wants to be close to the viewer to be able to open this.”

‘Fon’ by Maxim Maximov

Maxim Maximov is a product designer from Russia, who recently launched ‘Fon’, a series of minimal shells in various shapes. The pieces are made of plaster and ceramic and can be used for displaying small objects. Speaking of the inspiration behind the series, the designer says: “Living in a modern tempo of urban life we lose the balance that was given to us by nature. It is sometimes quite easy to distract our attention and we should learn to concentrate and restore our natural rhythm of life.” See more photos here.

Pi Rawinad

Madrid-based photographer Pi Rawinad shot a series of self-portraits to explore the theme of isolation. Covered with a wet veil, the images show the photographer with various facial expressions.  See more photos here.

‘Shopping Bags’ by Simon Freund

We’ve featured the minimal designs by conceptual artist Simon Freund before and his latest work is a series of chairs titled ‘Shopping Bags’. The chairs are covered with bags by fashion brands such as COS and Acne Studios, among others. See more photos here.

‘@tonyfutura’ by Tony Ziebetzki

Art director Tony Ziebetzki, who is based in Berlin, creates colorful yet clean images of everyday objects. Speaking about the concept behind his work, Ziebetzki says: “I develop simple, creative image-concepts on a daily basis that deal with current topics from art, pop-culture, fashion and society.” See more photos here.

‘Leila, Dancer’ by Eva van ‘t Loo

Eva van’t Loo is a photographer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, who specializes in film photography. She recently collaborated with her friend Leila to shoot a series about the dancer. In a statement about the project, the photographer says: “In this series we take on the playful challenge of finding out what we can create with the simplicity of a flexible body in a minimalistic context.” See more photos here.

‘Lines & Dots’ by Goula/Figuera

Barcelona-based studio Goula/Figuera created ‘Lines & Dots’, a lighting piece that features a sculptural design made of steel. The piece is part of the studio’s ‘Home Adventures’ collection. On the process behind it, the designers say: “The design process was unconventional, starting from thousands of lines and dots drawn in ink on paper. The designers chose a series of eight silhouettes and transferred them into different designs.” See more photos here.

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