Li Hui


We featured Li Hui a couple of times before on iGNANT and we still love her beautiful and sensitive photography. Thus we invited the chinese self-taught photographer to take us with her and follow her on one day in her life. Li Hui shows 24 Hours through the lense of her camera.

We are amazed by the beautiful result and hope you enjoy it just as much as we do. Enjoy.

[9:00 am] The first sunrays hit my bed.

[10:00 am] I’m hiding under my blanket where it’s warm and cozy.

[11:00 am] Time to get up and going.

[12:00 am] Enjoying a hot cup of tea.

[01:00 pm] The light is just beautiful and I am playing with my hamsters.

[02:00 pm] Me and my good friend are taking a trip to the nearby mountains. I always enjoy to have a walk or drive a car to there in the lazy sunny afternoon.

[03:00 pm] I love the smell of grass, the sun and the way its rays shine on my hand and the palm of my hand becomes transparent, then I enjoy taking some pictures to keep memories.

[04:00 pm] Nature has a lot to offer if you are open to let yourself inspire by its endless beauty.

[05:00 pm] The sun is about to go down for today.

[06:00 pm] We still don’t have enough and are playing around a little.

[07:00 pm] Enjoying the very las sunbeams…

[08:00 pm] …before it goes down behind the mountains for today.

[09:00 pm] We decide to get in the car and drive back home.

[12:00 pm] Back home I crawl back in my sheets. Good night everyone.

All images © Li Hui

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